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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I recently discovered ACEOs, and I have started to offer them in my Etsy shop!

ACEO stands for "art cards, editions & originals". You may also see them labeled as "ATC" or "artist trading cards". ATC Artist Trading Cards have been
Around for centuries and are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold. In contrast, artists primarily create ACEOs with the intention of selling them. They must be 2.5" x 3.5" in either orientation - this is the same size as standard playing cards & sports cards, so they can be displayed in collector card albums. Many people choose to display them in special picture frames as they would with traditional artwork. They are miniature versions of works of art in various mediums that can be collected, traded or sold. Besides the size constraints, there are no other rules when making them - you can use any technique you want! Knit or sew one together, make one out of clay, plaster or paper mache', collage, paint, draw etc. They can also be prints.

The unique little art form known as ACEO Art Cards Editions and Originals was born in 2004 because of the public's interest in acquiring and collecting these tiny works of art that were up until then strictly traded between artists. Miniature works of art that have a long tradition. The small works were used to transport new techniques to other parts of the world, and in some cases to pay for food and lodging. In the late Twentieth Century, artists started making cards to trade between themselves, as most artists like to have the art of others they admire, and have little cash for such things. When the public learned of the ATC Artist Trading Card, they wanted to buy them, and the ACEO was born. Now archival art is suddenly affordable and these ACEOs
Make the perfect gift for anybody with very little display space

My marker and pen ACEOs
My pencil and color pencil ACEOs
My ACEO paintings and prints

Now all of my ACEOs are doodles and drawings, from my sketchpads and portfolios, which I have accumulated over the years. I have cut them down to the proper size and mounted them to card stock. They are all signed and dated on the back.

Soon I will be offering original oil painting ACEOs.

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