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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Tangled In Purgatory" The story behind the painting

I painted this in 2005, but it started way before then. I did the doodle in 2001, while I was working in a tattoo shop as an apprentice. While working at a sports bar in 2004 I was still adding to this doodle. A coworker looked at it and said it looks like purgatory! That is when I gave it the name "Tangled in Purgatory"
This is the original doodle

 I always wanted to paint it, but I knew it had to be big. Later that year I was shopping at a well-known arts and crafts store when I saw the canvas! It was huge 36X48 and on the top shelf. It seemed to have the light from heaven shining down on it! I had to have it, so I took my 50% off coupon and bought it just for this painting.
 I have had the painting in my home ever since and every one who sees it is just loves it. It has moved with me three times from Atlanta, GA to Columbia, SC. Then again, from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC and finally it made the journey across the country from Charleston to the mountains of San Bernardino in Southern California! In the move from Columbia to Charleston, it was ripped. You would think that the cross country trip would have caused it's injury!  No, it was the hour and a half trip that broke my heart! I placed it between two mattresses thinking that would protect it. It wiggled it's way out and fell on the bed frame. I consider it injured and not dead. It is part of it's story.
I was taking photographs of it outside of my home when my neighbor came out and asked me about it, he is a catholic priest. I told him the name and the story behind it. He told me that it was a very good depiction of purgatory, and that he was surprised, because I am not catholic, at how accurate he felt it was. I thought that was an incredible compliment and I hoped through the power of the Internet that more people could enjoy it as much as I have.

"TANGLED IN PURGATORY" is now available in ACEO Giclee prints for $8. These are limited edition prints only 16 will be available. Each 2.5 X 3.5 Somerset Velvet Giclee print is signed numbered and dated on the back. They arrive shipped in a rigid top loader cardholder.