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Friday, August 6, 2010

"Amsterdam Blond Bottle" about the painting
For years, I worked in a sports bar that offered a wide variety of beer. When I would get a beer that I thought had an appealing bottle, I would keep it. It is only recently that I started to paint them.
This piece is the second painting in my beer bottle series. It is painted on a 16X20canvas in oil.
Painted only with a palette knife, it has lots of texture and dimensions. I chose this bottle because of it's unusual shape. I also love the "XXX" down the front. The beer is very tasty as well! The bottle is very interesting so I did not feel it needed anything else with it.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at it.

Amsterdam Blond, a little about the beer.
This is a brewery out of Amsterdam, and Atlanta is one of the first markets it's hit. It comes in a cool 11.2 oz bottle that is shaped like an old-style fire hydrant; the bottle is brown, unlike many Dutch beers. It offers a nice 5.9% ABV. As for the taste, it is a lot more like a decent European lager. This would appeal to your average beer drinker.

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