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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About The Painting "Christoffel Robertus Bottle Killed The Roses"

This painting was donated to a charity raffle to help my Aunt Amie pay for her cancer treatment. Congratulations to the man who won it.  I am very proud that it was able to bring in some money for her.

I am going to start by telling you about the beer. You can read about the painting next time. Christoffel Robertus is a bottom-fermented, ruby-red beer, brewed, very roughly, in the M√ľnchener dunkel-style. It is a malty, fresh beer with a light sweetness.
This specialty lager is brewed in the Netherlands by Christiffel brewery it's Alcohol by Volume is 6.0%.
Now that you know a little bit about the beer itself, I hope you will enjoy the story behind the painting.

This is the first of my beer bottle series. It was my sister's idea for me to paint beer bottles. She thought it would be a good idea, because of my love of beer and painting. She also suggested I write a blog about beer. So here I am blogging about beer, paintings and beer bottle paintings.
I chose this bottle to be first, because of the colors and details in the bottle. I love the swing top; it may be my favorite feature. The dark brown bottle against the black background was a challenge to me. I got the yellow roses when my son was born. I put them in a glass with water in the window and just let them go. So technically, I killed the roses, but I blamed it on the bottle. I loved the way they dried, so i decided to include them in the painting. I felt like that rather represented me, a woman, who loves beer.

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